Lucas Charland
Game Design
Planet Snatchers is an award winning 3D platformer racing game that is designed for the speedrunning community.
Frog Snatchers a metroidvania where you play as a frog collector who has had all of their frog friends stolen from their home and scattered throughout the world.
Keep On Rolling
Keep On Rolling is a clone of Super Monkey Ball where I put my level design skills to the test by creating a nice progression of difficulty across 30 levels.
Carl Eats Sheep is a game where you play as a flying dragon eating an endless supply of sheep to get grow larger.


My name is Lucas Charland and this is my personal portfolio. I will be graduating from Champlain College with a Bachelor's of Science in Game Design. I am currently the lead designer at Too Tired Studios involved in Planet Snatchers and Frog Snatchers.

Clicking a screenshot of any of the games on this page will bring you to a page outlining how I was involved in the project and the process that went into creating each game. Under the "About Me" tab, you will find information on how to contact myself, a brief bio of about myself, and my resume. Under the "Blog" tab, you can stay up to date on my current projects.